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Thread: Event countdown timer for my site.

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    Event countdown timer for my site.

    I was looking for a countdown timer for my site and I was willing to pay for the code since I am looking for a timer that will handle multiple events. None seem to have the features I need for my situation. Here's what I am hunting for.

    We have a ferry here on my island. It runs six times a day, every day at the same time. I need a timer that will show "Next ferry departs in........"
    All the software I've found wants me to type in every event (ferry departure) as an individual event.

    I'm looking for a countdown timer that will save a list of recurring events and count the the time down to each subsequent event. It doesn't seem too hard to code for. Someone probably has done it by now for theaters and such but finding one is the trick.

    Good to see you all again. I've been away from the desk for a while.

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    Welcome Back! I don't know of anything like that but someone else should be 'round here shortly.

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    Try searching Google gadgets and Windows Live gadgets. Then google and download Amnesty generator to translate to the format you need. Also, google has a page that will generate the code to put one of their gadgets on your web page.

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