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    Website buttons


    I am wondering if anyone can help me with a website button problem i have, I was using the GrSites website( ) button making program, to make the buttons for my webpage. But the website owner has changed the button design for a third time, and i am looking for a program that will allow me to do the same as his site? I have sent two e-mail's asking about this problem but i have had no replies.

    On my webpage i don't know how to use the HTML coding, so on the above website it was very helpful. Because when i chose the Mouseover effect for a new button, i got two images saved to my computer. And i used Paint Shop Pro to cut them out, save them as seperate images and then used the Dynamic HTML effect in Frontpage 2002 to give me the effect on my website navigation buttons.

    Is there another website that will allow me to do the same, or a free program that i can use that will allow me to make my own buttons like the one's on my website? As i have tried numerous one's and all i get are either limited use, watermarked or buy it programs to allow me to use the full product.

    As i don't really look forward to changing 50+ pages again, to get the navigation buttons all looking the same.

    My website -

    Thanks in advance.


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    what you mean about not changing 50+ pages?
    If you have several pages it is easier to use a wysiwyg program like dreamweaver. Frontpage 2002 is no good under my standards. At least as a minimun use FrontPage 2003. They use a similar interface than dreamweaver where you can see the design and the code at the same time, and learn HTML in the process.
    Anyhow, depending on what server technology you use (Apache or IIS) you could use server side include parameters for the menu, that way you only change 1 file and all will look updated.
    The correct way however is to use CSS, and since all pages will call the same css, when doing design changes it applies to all pages

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