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Thread: Samsung ml-2510

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    Samsung ml-2510

    Stay with me, this is a fairly long story. I purchased the ml-2510 a couple months ago. It has served me well as a network printer on a lan made up of two XP machines and two Xandros Linux boxes. The setup for my linux machines had originally been accomplished by trial and error. It had taken several days to get everything working properly.

    A couple days ago I decided to reinstall Xandros on both the linux machines. In doing so I trashed the printer setup and was facing again the prospect of, once again, testing many drivers to get them working again. I first went to the Xandros forum to review the procedure. This time I find a post stating that the ml-2510 came with a linux driver on a second software disk. This was news to me. I checked and sure enough, there were two disk that came with the printer. The second was labeled "Printer Software". It did not mention linux drivers.

    I dropped it into the first linux machine and opened the disk with file manager. It contains drivers for 32 and 64 bit computers. The installation process is virtually automatic. Xandros requires that this operation be accomplished as "Administrator".

    The purposes for this post is to remind everyone that we may already have a needed driver hidden on manufacture supplied disks, and to suggest that Samsung is a good printer choice when looking for a printer to use with linux.
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    Printer drivers usually are not a problem in Linux. I have found that if you don't have the driver use the Apple driver (install driver manually, and chose from the apple printers)
    Actually that driver has worked wonders where I used to work to print from Oracle financials into HP laserJet and we can change the laserjet and the server does not complain as long as the same IP is given
    BTW, HP LaserJet also have linux printers

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