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Thread: Excel Problem

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    Excel Problem

    well, I have a problem with Excel and I cannot fix it. When I save a report from Solomon to a spreadsheet it won't open in one the PCs. It will close Excel automatically, then restart Excel automatically twice until it finally opens but with some columns missing.
    It is not a file problem since in another PC with the same Xp version it opens fine.
    I had tried repairing Office XP, but it didn't fix. Then I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it did nothing. I noticed that uninstalling and reinstalling won't erase any settings, because when I reinstalled everything was working as I never unistalled it. Outllok didn't need configuration, Office didn't need to be registered.
    Is there any way to completely unistall Office XP, so I can try fixing the problem when re-installing.
    Also, this is probably related to the problem: when I open a document which is in the network drive it takes a long time to open it. It can take up to 45 seconds, even if the document is small. I don't have this problem with other PCs.
    FYI I am using Office XP in windows XP.
    I have no idea why this problem is happening. So, if any of you have a clue I will appreciate it

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    if you want to reset office to factory defaults

    search for the file

    rename it or delete it and you should be back to factory defaults

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