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Thread: Crysis demo

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    Crysis demo

    Has anyone downloaded and played it? What are your thoughts?

    I finally got around and played with it last night. The first run through killed my video card (no, I did not read the nVidia warning about updating my driver). After updating to the driver on their Crysis download page, it worked like a champ.

    Although there nothing 'new' with the story (aliens, rogue nations, etc), the game is fantastic. Things that I noticed and liked.

    - Enemies don't automatically know where you are.
    Enemies lose site and will hunt for you. The hear noises and come for you. But gone are the days of fake foliage and not being able to hide in it (one of my peeves in games). Example: I found a nice sniping location and started picking off enemies. One of the enemies couldn't see me and just started firing in random directions.

    - AI 'appears' to be pretty good.
    Enemies coordinate their attacks. Call for re-enforcements. No more rushing into a slew of enemies

    - Graphics
    Graphics are stellar

    - Controls
    The controls for the suits special functions are intuitive (although I always hit B (which brings up the binoculars) instead of the V for the powers).

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    Available for download here

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