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Thread: Problem not solved yet.

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    Problem not solved yet.

    I putted on a post about the control panel icon about a week ago but the replies could nt solve my problem.
    Actually I installed Style XP & tried some visual styles & themes etc. it has changed my control panel icon in the start menu & in my computer to an old fashioned Win 98 control panel icon.I`ve done a repair install but no fortune. & unfortunately i did nt had any restoration points so that i could restore back.
    So now please if anyone know the solution of this problem help me as I,m forced to see that dull old icon.
    Muhammad Irfan

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    On my computer I can right click on the icon and choose Appearance - and change to whatever icon I want.
    So you are able to run non-ms themes on your PC via StylexP?
    If you can't, there is a new version to run with SP1.
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