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Thread: Nvidia to blame for many early Vista crashes

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    Nvidia to blame for many early Vista crashes

    There is a ton of interesting information in the documents that have been released as part of the Windows Vista Capable lawsuit.

    There's the juicy e-mails that show Microsoft caving to pressure from Intel and lowering the graphics requirements to get the Vista Capable sticker. There's also Dell ...


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    NVidia has a few weird problems. I have a PC with a EPoX mainboard with a nForce3 chipset. I use this as a secndary machine, and have it under a separate workbench, connected to a Aten KVM switch. The USB ports on the motherboard is controlled by the nForce 3 chipset, and they doesn't work properly with the Aten switch. Neither does nForce 4 chipsets, apparently...

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