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    I recently installed Avast! Home Edition. I've a couple of issues with it which are making it unsuitable... but I might be using it wrong:

    1)Even a quick scan on c:\ is taking ages. I don't know which files it's scanning but I really just want to scan .exe files and everything in the Windows folders normally. I can't see options to control this.

    2)When I turn of the on-access resident scanning, it always comes back on when I restart my PC. Can't I turn it off for good?

    Is the professional version any different by the way, or just token differences?

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    The only difference of the Pro version is the "script blocking" ability.

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    There are other differences, mostly to do with configuration options. Check their website for comparisons. btw: I have the pro version on Vista, and have never had the problem you describe. What o/s are you running?

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