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Thread: DVD to Ipod software or MP4 compressing tool

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    DVD to Ipod software or MP4 compressing tool

    Hello everyone, I’m looking for a tool that can take DVD’s I have and convert them to MP4 format so I can play them on my Ipod. What is the best software to use to accomplish this? Also when I create an MP4 file is there a compression tool I can use to reduce the size of the file? I would like to find something that can make a movie around 1.5 to 2 gigs in size max. Any suggestions.
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    My brother does it with PSP movies software. It is a 29.99 software, it is intended for the PSP, but it works with the iPod as well.

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    Dehc, what is the PSP movie software called? Is it just the standard Sony Media Manager app? Are there any freeware? I used to use RipBot... but not sure if it's compatible with Vista.

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