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Thread: RIAA: DRM not dead and likely will make comeback

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    RIAA: DRM not dead and likely will make comeback

    News of DRM's death has been greatly exaggerated, according to an executive with the Recording Industry Association of America.

    At a time when the top recording companies appear to be phasing out digital rights management (DRM), the RIAA is predicting that the highly controversial software will ...


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    OK, time to give those fools a wakeup call. Pissing off that many people is bad for business.

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    This battle is lost. People still buy music regardless how they are treated. The RIAA has been successful. Why should they change?

    Oh, if you haven't seen it, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a measure to tighten media copyright rules. That will make the RIAA more belligerent in their actions.

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