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Thread: System Security & Identity Theft

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    System Security & Identity Theft

    While conducting online banking this evening I saw a link that was labeled Protect Yourself From Identity Theft. Identity theft occurred to me about a year ago. Luckily, I was sitting at my computer when the incident occurred. I received a notice from Ebay stating that I had won an auction for a notebook computer. It turned out that someone had hijacked my Ebay account which gave them my credit card info.

    I immediately contacted my credit card companies and froze the accounts. Next I contacted Ebay fraud section. I was quick enough that the thief had not finalized the purchase.

    I permanently closed the Ebay account and had new credit cards issued. That same day I enrolled in LifeLock a company that protects you against Identity Theft and insures you against damages up to one million dollars. It cost me $12 a month.

    Back to the reason for this post. The link took me to a FDIC site video that contains some very good information for the non-tech computer user. It also contains instructions on what you should do if your identity is stolen.
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