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Thread: Weird Compaq Laptop High-Pitch Whistle with self power-on

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    Weird Compaq Laptop High-Pitch Whistle with self power-on

    Hi All
    Got a truly weird one for you today. A friend has a Compaq Laptop (Presario V6000) that powers itself up partially in the early hours of the morning (usually between 3 & 5am) on battery. I say partial, as all that happens is that the fan runs flat out, all the lights on the unit are lit, there is a high-pitched whistle and a regular beep that sounds a bit like an alarm clock. It only seems to do this if he leaves it unplugged from the mains, and only between 3 & 5 am. I have never heard of anything like this before. Is there some sort of weird BIOS virus in it? Is it some fail-safe thing to let the user know the battery has a fault? The noise of the alarm-clock like beeping (which has a pattern of beep, pause, beep, pause etc, with the beep being a second or so long, and the pause 1-2 seconds) was enough to rouse me from a sound sleep, where the laptop was at one end of the house and my room at the other! Only pulling the battery stopped the noise: the unit would not respond to the power button, no matter how long I held it down.

    Thoughts / suggestions?


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    Move to a house that isn't haunted?

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    Could be a combination of faulty battery and fan.

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