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Thread: Network file copying... xcopy slow compared to explorer

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    Network file copying... xcopy slow compared to explorer

    I have a VPN connection to a remote PC on which there is a shared folder. Which is handy since I can copy files across easily. I have been doing it through using explorer (i.e. CTRL-C, CTRL-V) but wanted to write a batch file...

    like: xcopy /s /y c:\myfolder \\\destination

    It works fine but for some reason this version is much slower. Using explorer it copies maybe 1-2 files a second but the xcopy version is perhaps 2-3 times slower.
    Is there any good reason for this, and any way to fix it?

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    Ya could try synctoy from ms

    Some people like to use ftp servers and the works for syncing files, many different ways to do it. Wiki has a pretty good page on it at

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    use Robocopy instead of xcopy.
    There is even a gui for it
    I use it for a couple of different transfers and it works quite well.
    Xcopy is good, but getting outdated since it was replaced by robocopy. I am not familiar with the indepht programming but I would guess xcopy as a base of copy has not progressed on the optimization for faster network. Explorer on the other hand has.

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