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Thread: Upgrading - Hardware issues - please help

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    Upgrading - Hardware issues - please help


    i am upgrading my computer and i am running into a problem, i am upgrading the processor, motherboard and ram. first off, here is what i have hooked up.


    intel q6600 core 2 quad
    G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500)
    ALienware 650w

    Standard ps2 keyboard.
    usb mouse.

    my problem:
    when i try to turn on the computer, i get no POST beeps, the cpu fan runs, lights come on, but then it shuts down, and repeats the process, over and over again.

    what i have tried:
    i have tried using minimal componants. i have tried with only the cpu, no ram, no video card, no HD's or optical drives. no beeps. no post, same power cycling,

    i have cleared the cmos, numerous times. unplugged power supply and cycled the on/off switch. i have taken the mobo out of the case and ruled out shorts.

    one thing i noticed is when i unplug the 4-pin power supply plug, it turns on and stays on. but still no POST beeps.

    i re-seated the processor, still the same. but, i DID notice that when i have the CPU out and i plug it in, it stays on. i really hope it isnt the cpu, but could it still be the mobo? my CPU does get hot, so i know its getting power.

    another thing i noticed is the unlucky 5% of reviews for this board on newegg, seemed to have the same probs, no POST, no BEEPS. so, this makes me wanna think its the mobo...i hope so.

    any ideas? i havent got into windows at all yet, but my previous setup (old mobo, old ram) it worked fine.

    also, when going from single core to dual cores do i have to reinstall windows again?

    thanks for any help or insight.
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    Sounds like MB to me could still be proc or even PS. Personally I would take all 3 parts to have them tested.

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    hi, thx for your response, i tested the PSU in another system, works good.

    so.. i guess maybe ill buy a new mobo, since its the cheaper of the 2.

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