I have two GeForce 8600GT graphics cards. When I team them up in SLI, the process goes as it should:
Both cards are shown i the device manager.
The software, finds them and recommends that I put them in SLI mode.
The computer runs fine on every application in SLI mode except....

Games. The games' screens flicker. (I know that they realize they're in SLI because Black Hawk Down goes so far as to add a green line to the screen with the letters SLI at the top of it. The line changes length as I move the mouse. Neato, but useless.)

So far, I've found out through surfing that:

I need to use the drivers that came with the cards. Check.

I should try over or under clocking the cards a little. I used ATI-Tool. Check.

There are no setting in my BIOS to tweak any of the PCIE stuff so I can't investigate there. Check.

No change in the flickering by playing with either

Now. What I've noticed is, the MSI K9N manual list the PCIE slots as compatible with x8 aperture in SLI mode and in x16 primary, and x8 secondary in non-SLI. When I open up the NVidia control panel, it list the primary at 16 and the secondary at 8. I wonder if it is just reading generic slot values or if I need to find a way to set these values at 8 each.


Get one honkin' big GeForce card and quit the idea of SLI altogether. The two cards here cost as much as a great big card. Even the latest and greatest can be found on the cheap with Pricewatch.