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Thread: Mp3 burning and FAT files

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    Mp3 burning and FAT files

    Hello, Nero acts weird sometimes..... ie when I hit the burn button (and have the CD in the tray)
    it will pop the tray open and say please insert tray, which I close again, but it still doesn't take......
    I'll get through this.....

    Anyhow, I'm wondering if there is a way to set up Windows so that when I do
    a drag/drop burn of the mp3 files it will do the FAT files in a way that will allow the mp3's to be
    played in a CD player ?
    Of course the CD plays OK on the computer, but isn't recognized in my mp3/cd player, I've
    been told it is probably because of th FAT configuration.

    I'm running Vista. Any Ideas ?

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    ok..I have no idea why someone mentioned the FAT. FAT is a file system version. It has nothing to do with your file packaging which is the problem.
    To play the files in a CD player, you need them to be cda extension (which is like a wav, raw format). If your CD player plays MP3 as well, then there isn't really anything special, just Juliet 9600 format (default format)
    You can make a data CD and put the mp3 files.
    I use Nero all the time. I don't really like the new versions (I liked better 6 Ultra) but they get the job done for me. I had the problem with the program not acepting the CDs (Mainly with Roxio) but that is really because it does not like the media (THE CD ITSELF)
    A big tip, is I don't like the Windows burning (drag and drop in the folder) so I always use a software. There are even free software for burning for example CDBurnerXP. Try that software instead

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    I can work around Nero, I only mentioned that as a background.

    What I really want to do is copy/burn using Windows and be able to play the mp3 file on my cd/dvd player (that will handle mp3), but it doesn't work for some reason.

    I was told the way Widows places the FAT file vs Nero was the reason the cd/dvd player would recognize the files..... ?

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