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Thread: Known Vista DVD/CD Burner Issue

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    Known Vista DVD/CD Burner Issue

    I recently purchased a new PC with Vista and had an immediate problem with burning DVD/CD's. I tried Nero 8, Win Media Player, and two other burner programs with no results. what would happen is the burn would fail (error message) when it was almost done.

    I spoke to a Tech who said that this was a known issue, in which the burn will fail near the end due to some conflict between Vista and the DVD/CD burner driver. The fix he provided for me corrected the problem.

    What I had to do was go to Device Manager and delete the DVD/CD drive as well as delete the registry key for it.

    Once I restarted the PC, Vista found the DVD/CD drive and installed it's own driver to it and everything has been fine after that.

    Thought I would post this in case anyone had similar issues.


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    Never experienced this burning DVD's on Vista.

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    ive 2 m/c's running vista,
    never had any probs burning DVDs.

    ill be back soon,
    just watching some paint dry.

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    I had the same problem but with XP, and I also had to re-install the DVD drive. I don't think it is vista related. In mycase it was probably because I had several programs for burning, so one might have broken my drivers.
    My mother had a problem with her laptop and it was because she had an old version of Roxio (not supported on XP), and I had to unistall the program, and re-install the driers for the drive

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