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Thread: I'm so lost trying to network Mac and PC

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    Unhappy I'm so lost trying to network Mac and PC

    I replaced a dead XP PC with a new Vista one and can not get them networked. I have a Mac Airport Extreme router, a port hub, a usb hub, scanner, printer, two Wacom tablets and a fax (although the fax isn't part of the 'network' I am trying to set up--I wish it were).

    My other PC and Mac recognized each other, but I can't get the new PC and Mac networked, and I don't know why. I need to know what cable gets connected to which port/hub/piece of equipment to get them to network.

    I'm pretty PC/Mac literate, having installed my own components at one time or another, but I'm stumped.

    I also cannot get sound from my PC

    Ideas anyone?
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    This would seem to be the answer to your problem.
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