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Thread: The Witcher

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    The Witcher

    Just finished The Witcher, nice game and didn't just fizzle out like Oblivion and Gothic 3 did, sort of accelerates all the way through. Long game, good value for money and a few unusual and innovative bits along with the usual monster slaying, people slaying, magic and alchemy.

    I'd recommend it to anyone that likes RPGs - probably better than Oblivion over all but not so open. More similar to Gothic 2 / 3 / Arx Fatalis type of thing where you can do a few things in different orders but you basically have to follow the plot in each section before you can move on.
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    Just started playing this game yesterday.

    Bit hard to get the hang of the camera controls but that's normal for me.
    Found it odd there are only keyboard map options and no option to re-map the mouse buttons!?!

    As far as game play is concerned graphics are nice enough and runs smooth on full detail (for me).

    A lot of area loading, seems every doorway leads to a new load screen.

    Heavy on the story line but definitely engaging.

    Looking forward to the pace picking up as you mentioned Curio.

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