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Thread: Make HD a slave

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    Make HD a slave

    I have an old HD I want to insert into my new PC.
    I was told there should be a switch/s to set for the slave....

    I have the HD out and don't see any ?

    Any idea on what to do ?

    This is circa 1998, Maxtor mod. 91350d8

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    While researching your issue, I found that the very same post was on another tech site. I don't think you will find better advice than you have already received.

    I was unable to find specific pin settings for that drive. There are however settings for DiamondMax drives. They are found here - Link.

    I recommend you first try the top set of pin settings. The pins are on the back side of the drive. Image (this is a Western Digital drive. It should be similar to your Maxtor drive. Using the above chart set the shorting plug in the horizontal position on the top right side. You should note that the pin in the second row is missing. If it is the right setting, your computer should find the drive the next time you boot.

    One additional thing. If it does not find the slave, go into setup in the Standard CMOS Features area to see if the computer has found the drive. If your drive is not shown in the IDE Primary Slave section, tab to that location and hit enter. If the drive appears, save and back out of setup. If it is not found, try another setting on the above chart.

    In your situation, the only two pin settings you need to be concerned with are Slave or C/S (cable select). If C/S is used the outer most cable plug is for a master drive and the middle plug is for a slave.

    Good luck and let us know if you get it working.
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