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Thread: IE 8 Beta 2

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    IE 8 Beta 2

    I have tried the internet explorer 8 beta 2 for about a week, and it seems like they have alot to work on, including accessibility to websites and the dynamic aspect that they carry, for example. In Facebook, you cannot go online with the buttom tool that comes with Facebook, as they have a little chat bar on the bottom so you can know who is online, that is not working. Some pages as of this forums do not always load properly, it will display the headers but it wont load the forums posted until i click inside of internet explorer Also, I was trying to download updates from acer and it did not load the page properly... It seems as if they did not take care of it while introducing this new version of betas... but i guess that is what all about

    Has anyone else tried it ?

    P.S: Webpages expire when you hit the back button after 5 secs of been in the site quite annoying LOL.
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    havent had the balls to try it yet.

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    When I tested IE7 I had to re-install IE6 twice to get it to work again, so I am not installing IE8 until it is a final product

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