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Thread: BSOD Help needed

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    BSOD Help needed

    Hi ll again.

    Im gettin a BSOD during a game, COD 4 and wen quitting it.

    How do i start to track the problem.

    Im not getting an error in the event log.

    this is some info from the pop up



    Any help greatly appreciated.

    Intel E6850
    4 GIG Memory (2.5 in use)
    Asus Striker Extreme
    2 x 8800 GTX in SLI
    XP32 SP3

    Latest install, Logitech G5 Software.

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    try using only 2 gigs of ram, install the latest drivers

    Usually the BSOD will give you an error code. 90% of the time there due to memory issues. Hell nvidia drivers were said to cause 70% of the crashes for vista. Just google the code and go from there.

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    It Starts

    Ok, im installin latest GFX Driver 178 and have removed 2 sticks of memory altho i hope its not a mem prob as i wanna install vista 64 at some point.

    One error i saw was irq less than equal, is it the error on the blue screen i need to look at?

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    I have some issues as well with SLI. When I disable SLI it does not happen as often, but when I have it enabled there is a 70% chance that I will not survive a 30 minute video withouth BSOD. However, I do not have this problem with video games.
    Another tip to check is your temp, mainly GPU. Install speedfan and keep an eye on the temp levels. My 8800 GT since they are single slot get quite hot sometimes.

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