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Thread: Would like your feedback on 123 CopyDVD 2008

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    Would like your feedback on 123 CopyDVD 2008

    I recently bought a copy of 123 CopyDVD 2008. I initially had some problems with it but by updating it (as recommended) and getting the newer version (123 CopyDVD 2009) it seems to be working fine.

    Overall it's rather simplistic, though it does the job that it is suppose to. It's easier than DVDShrink though the quality of the back up DVD could be better.

    I've only made one back up so far and have yet to test it fully.

    Any of your thoughts or feedback would be appreciated.


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    If I remember correct;y (yes ) you already had the best DVD software, really no need to buy something unless it was CloneDVD or the paid version of DVDFab.

    Freeware is still the king IMO.

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