I have been an advocate for codeweavers sponsoring an application I need to run on Linux for quite some time. The sent an email a while back about a George Bush Lame duck contest they were running. I received this in the mail earlier today:

Specifically, I had no idea when we launched the CodeWeavers Lame Duck
that George Bush would take it so seriously. And it was truly
remarkable of him to engineer a complete collapse of our financial
industry just to prove he could meet my challenge. My fault; I had
thought he would try more prudent methods.

However, this does create a great opportunity for you to spread the word
about CrossOver, as tomorrow, anyone can get a fully functioning, fully
supported copy of CrossOver, for free. Existing customers can get
another year of support, again for free. It's a great day for any
CrossOver user, and a great time for anyone to try CrossOver.
So if you use a MAC or Linux and have a need to run Windows software on it, it's a great time to try it. Usually around 60 bucks a pop.