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Thread: Erratic behaviour from wireless mouse

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    Erratic behaviour from wireless mouse

    I have a nice MS Laser Mouse 5000 (and matching wireless keyboard). Sometimes, the mouse gets unresponsive. It acts like a dirty ball-mouse but also the buttons stop working properly.
    It's only about 2 feet from the wireless hub unit, the reception is shown as excellent, and no battery warning is being seen.

    Any ideas? Faulty unit or something I can fix? I've no idea at all what the warranty period is, it's probably just coming up for 1 year old.

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    The two things that I have run into with a wireless mouse batteries and the transmitter being too far from the mouse. A weak battery can shorten the effective range between transmitter and mouse.
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    Is there any interference by microwave ovens, cell phones or cordless home phones?

    Also, check if the bottom of the mouse (and your desk) is clean, sometimes grit can build up on the little pads causing the 'light' to go on funny angles.

    Finally, have you tried re-installing or updating the drivers?

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    have u tried fresh cheese............did i say

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    I have 3 sets of MX5000 the problem with the erratic behaviour in the mouse is usually followed with the keyboard suddenly telling you Hello (again). Short story, the bluethooth has been reconnected.
    Cordless phone created this problem with me (only 1 type thought) and the motorola radios (wlkie talkie for long range) that we used at work also cut the connection. Push to talk of Nextel created problems too.
    Insteresting enought I had the same problem while using the bluethooth headset with my phone, so that is how I narrowed it down to the bluethooth and not the keyboard/mouse
    BTW, If I read correctly you are refering to the Logitech MX 5000 combo, where the keyboard actually is the 5000 part, the mouse is the logitech laser MX 1000
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