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Thread: Excel 2003 can't print in color !!!

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    Angry Excel 2003 can't print in color !!!

    I’m using Excel 2003. For some odd reason I can’t print in “COLOR”. This the first time it happen. I click “Print Preview” I see that the worksheet is in “Black & White” but on the Excel worksheet does show the Color. I’m using Xerox 7665 and set the default to print color. I was to be able to print excel documents in color. All other programs print in color including Microsoft word, and PowerPoint.

    Trouble Shooting Steps That I did:
    1. I check to see if I had “Win SP3” I don’t have I have “Win SP2”
    2. I check also on “Print Preview” setup sheet to make sure that “Black And White” box is not check.
    3. Tools, Options, Color from there I click “Reset”.
    4. Help, Check For Updates.
    5. Help, Detect and Repair.
    6. I edit the Registry. I change the Excel folder to old (Old Excel) so when I click Excel again it would reinstall it (so it would think that is the 1st time running it).

    This are some trouble shooting steps that I have done and still I’m able to print in color.

    Please Help!!!

    P.S I got another computer (next to me) I open that same file in Excel 2003 and Print in Color and it works fine. I'm using the same printer Xerox 7665 (network Printer). But my Excel does not work in my computer that I'm working on. = ( If I find a solution I will post in here.

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    if you print something else to that network printer does it print in color?

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    Cool Excel can't print in COLOR

    Everything is printing in color except Excel 2003.

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