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Thread: Which browser do you prefer

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    Arrow Which browser do you prefer

    Which browser do you prefer at this time? Firefox 3.** or version 2.0.0.** or slim browser or opera?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Not an easy answer here. I use several and each have their good points. On Windows I use: Firefox 3 and SlimBrowser mainly. On Linux I use FF 3, Opera, and Epiphany. On OSX I use FF 3 mainly. I voted FF 3 since it is good on all of them!

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    I don't use anything other than Firefox 3, tried Opera but didn't like it.
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    mainly use firefox. only thing I use IE for is sharepoint at work. sharepoint and FF dont play nicely together.

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    FF3 for me, but like Phish, we're tied to IE6 (!!) for our SAP intranet... slowly moving to Sharepoint2007 so it might be ok with FF3?

    I have tried FFPortable for use at internet cafe.

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