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Thread: Windows 7 "Personalize your PC"

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    Windows 7 "Personalize your PC"

    Microsoft has launched a new "Personalize your PC" website for users testing out the Windows 7 beta.

    If you're on Windows 7, you can get to it directly from the operating system (Right click desktop > Personalize > Get more themes online). The site currently has 15 themes, 13 desktop backgrounds, 8 desktop gadgets, and 5 SideShow gadgets (only for Windows SideShow-compatible devices). That may not seem like much, but the message at the bottom of the site gives a little hope:

    Information about Windows 7 is preliminary and subject to change. Themes and wallpapers provided during this beta release are for testing purposes only. A greater selection will be available at the time of final release of Windows 7.
    Personalize your PC

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    Are there any MICROSOFT themes for Vista?

    Thanks in advance.

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