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Thread: What's the deal with .DMG installers?

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    What's the deal with .DMG installers?

    Most Mac apps I download simply install & run, there's a .APP somewhere. But some download a .DMG file which is described as being mounted, like some sort of weird virtual disk drive. I seem to have to remount this after starting my Mac and then find the app inside this 'drive'.

    I really don't understand this... am I supposed to manually copy the .app onto my main drive or something? I'm really not a Mac/*nix guy, is there some Windows parallel that can be used to help me understand?

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    Yes. Copy the application to the 'Applications' folder. Then the app will be available for you whenever you want.

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    Some of those "disk images" can be installed just by d-clicking on least from my limited MAC experience this seems to be the case. And like petard mentioned some you just drag the icon into the Applications folder. Then to uninstall just drag them from Apps to the trash! Pretty cool huh?

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    That's definitely a key MAC concept for applications - don't think like Windows, there's no registry, apps just 'run' for most locations, there's typically no uninstall routine besides 'trashing' the *.App file.

    This stuff totally boggles the mind

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