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Thread: Microsoft can't make a good decision

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    Thumbs down Microsoft can't make a good decision

    Last month, I broke a promise to myself and bought a notebook computer containing vista. I am sorry to say that after three weeks use, it has lived up to my very low expectations. It is a cumbersome os. None of the useful Window's tools are located in logical places. I spend a lot of time just looking for them.

    I found Vista to be slow with all of the "gee whiz" elements turned on. Some may like the screen antics of Vista. I prefer an instant response when I hit the enter key. Vista is the worst os that I have used. That is my opinion.

    Why should my opinion count. It shouldn't, except at that moment when I am making a purchase decision. My notebook needs a windows product for one operation which is not compatible with linux. If that ever changes I will drop vista quicker than you can say Microsoft. I will drop it now if anyone has a extra legit copy of xp pro they want to sell me at a reasonable price.
    Now for the original reason for this thread. Windows 7 has apparently climbed in bed with the RIAA. You remember the RIAA. It is the organization that has made a business out of suing the helpless.

    TechForensics writing in Slashdot has listed a few surprises in the upcoming Windows 7. They will allow third parties to bypass your firewall. And, if he is right, you won't be able to stop it. Details.

    Now I restate my earlier pledge. Never again Microsoft. Not one more dime from me.
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    Ya know... I remember saying the same thing when I went from Windows 2000 to XP.....

    Many thanks to egghead for the cool .sig

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    well it cost me 68 bucks to upgrade my vista dell E6400 laptop to XP. and whats funny is that I have vista running in VM and its running faster than if it was installed locally.

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