Office 11 Beta due within a month
By PC Pro
Posted: 10/11/2002 at 12:36 EST

The next version of Microsoft Office - codenamed office 11 - is not yet in beta, says Microsoft, but it is due within a month, Alun Williams writes.

Yesterday Steve Ballmer announced that Microsoft already had the next Office release in beta, but this is not quite the case.

'We're not in beta yet', the Microsoft Office XP Product Manager David Bennie told us. It should happen in less than a month, however. Beta 1 will be a closed program with 6,000 copies released worldwide. Beta 2, following on in 2003, will be slightly more open with 3,000 customers involved.


I am anxious to see what improvements they come up with and how the activation will work with this update. I also am wondering about the cost of the final product. I mean at nearly 500 dollars US for the full suite, one has to start thinking, when has the price outstretched the use of the product? Especially when there are alternatives out there that are far cheaper if not free... Open Office anyone?
Anyway, have a read.