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Thread: Word 2007 Formatting Help

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    Word 2007 Formatting Help

    OK Here is my problem. I am using Microsoft Word 2007. I am writing a rather large paper for college. I finally figured out how to insert page numbers in the footers (starting with the 3rd page of the document) the first couple of pages were not to be numbered.

    Now I am finding out a different piece of formatting I must do according to my college. The first page of each Chapter must be numbered at the bottom center of the page (in the footer) but each page after that of each chapter must have the page number at the top right of each page.

    Then when I get to the next chapter... page number goes at the bottom middle again and then so on and so on.

    Any idea on how I can accomplish this sort of formatting?

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    Hi there, without having W2007 infront of me, the concept to achieve what you're after is called "SECTION-BREAKS"... Basically, insert section breaks after each page that you want to be configured differently.

    That way, you can make the first few pages look with some style, and the rest of the document another look & feel.

    Good luck with it, let us know how you go.

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