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Thread: Windows XP pausing on me

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    Windows XP pausing on me

    This happens often.
    not all the time but often.
    When I'm opening a new program or just doing ramdom things on my XP, it pauses for like 30 sec... then task bar goes away, then it comes back to normal again

    anyone have this problem?

    oh and I just installed Audigy 2 with 5.1 creative speaker system.
    and seems like windows like to freeze on me

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    When that pause happens, hit Ctrl Alt Del keys to bring up Task Manager, click the tab for Processes to see what is occupying your CPU.

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    The only way to help you with this situation is to know more information about your system.
    What kind of setup?CPU, RAM, HDD, VIDEO CARD, we know your audio, etc.. What version of XP?
    What programs do you have running in the background as Conan pointed out?
    How long has it been since you last defragged?
    Have you run chkdsk in the command prompt lately?
    Have you tried uninstalling or disabling the recent Audigy hardware by right clicking my computer selecting properties, the hardware, devices, and right clicking sound and right clicking the audigy hardware and selecting properties then disable or unistall?

    Have you updated your audigy drivers to the latest available?
    Have you run a windows update?
    Do you have SP1 installed?

    The list could go on, but with some of the questions above answered I am sure we can take a crack at providing an answer to your issue.
    By the way, welcome to techzonez and thanks for posting your question.

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    thanks for your suggestions.
    sometimes when i press ctrl alt delete together, task manager won't pop up.

    Well yesturday night, I reinstalled windows xp.
    and right now that problem is gone... the pausing problem.
    We'll see if xp had a corrupted file or something. ^^
    post later guys!!

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