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Thread: Wireless Network help

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    Wireless Network help

    Having some trouble with a wireless network in my fire station and was hoping someone can help me.

    We have a cable modem with a linksys route and a hub. From the hub I have an ethernet line going to a wireless router all set up with WEP security.

    We have soem laptops in our engines parked in the same room as the wireless router. They detect the wireless network fine and once I enter in the network key they connect fine shwoing a strength of excellent.

    The problem is... I am unable to have these units connect to the internet (or any other laptops as a matter of fact) Am I missing some sort of setting?

    Recently the wireless route got reset and I am guessing the IP of the router restored to its factory ip address of (which is the same as the regular route) so it caused a conflict and all the regular wired computers lost network access. Once i re-configured the wireless router's IP to all of the wired computers functioned properly but I am still unable to get internet access on the wireless network.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    OK, from a client check what is the ipaddress that is assigning. You can do this from the run command and type
    ipconfig /all
    This will give you the IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS servers.
    In a linksys setup usally the gateway and DNS servers will be the router itself, so
    I am guessing that for some reason the old router IP address still is assigned.
    There also could be that the cable modem still has the IP cached for the old config. To resolve this unplug the power for both, the router and the cable modem.
    After 1 minute connect the cable modem again, and wait until the modem finishes booting and registering (until Internet LED usually is steady), this can take about 1 minute. Then connect the power for the router so it gets the IP address from the modem

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    Quote Originally Posted by captainron19@ao View Post
    We have a cable modem with a linksys route and a hub. From the hub I have an ethernet line going to a wireless router all set up with WEP security.
    correct me if I'm wrong but from the cable modem you should have the cable going into the WAN port of the router then from the ports 1-4 you should connect the hub. I would test by first connecting a laptop via hard wired to see if the router is setup properly and can access the internet. then go to troubleshooting the wireless.

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    Check the ISP connection settings on the router they may have reset back to factory default.

    Your ISP's web site should have the relevant connection settings somewhere on their help pages.

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