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Thread: Games for Windows Live users BEWARE!!!!!

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    Exclamation Games for Windows Live users BEWARE!!!!!

    I am pretty pissed, and disappointed, and simply outraged.
    And it is not easy to get me this way, except when someone messes up with my passion (VIDEO GAMES)
    Anyhow, I bought Batman: Arkam Asylum 2 weekends ago during a sale that GFWL had. Except, I haven't been able to install the game since.
    I use a 30 GB SSD hard drive, and I try to install as much as I can on my H drive, which is a 1.5 TB drive instead. Even thought I changed all the folder location, and game installation folders for GFWL, Batman will install only on the C drive. I called tech support, and they told me there is no way around it.
    So, this weekend I got Batman of the Steam store (they were running another sale) and it works, from my H drive.
    So, as you can see, it is not a problem with the game, but with the distribution service. I never liked Steam, since I don't like to have to have Internet to install my games (and the fact that they will download regardless if I have the DVD), but now I like GFWL even less.
    When a company starts telling you where you cannot install the game, I find it pretty upsetting. MS Live response to my problem buy a bigger hard drive.
    I have been trying to see if I can use Junction points instead (they work like soft links in Linux), but now the game won't finish downloading (and it download in the H drive, so I don't know what is confused about).
    In short, it sucks when they make poor software. It does not help either that game developers prefer to develop for consoles. I am a pure PC gamers, so this sucks big time for me.
    BTW, have you ever wondered why there is usually a 10$ difference in price from the PC version to the console version? The reason for that is that 7% of the 60 price is license fee for the console maker (Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo). And people still pay 300 for a PS3? They should cost a lot less. A game outside USA can cost as much as 120$ (FFXIII PAL VERSION for example).
    enough rant. If someone has a suggestion for the GFWL problem I would be happy to try it.
    My current solution: I will not buy anymore games from there
    BTW, tinker installed fine in the H drive

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    Well it sounds like you had a pretty crappy experience.. will they not refund your money and cancel the game from your hard drive and make your serial number null and void?

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