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Thread: Sending pictues with Outlook 2007

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    Sending pictues with Outlook 2007

    When I had Vista with Windows mail, or even XP Pro, I could send a whole folder that had pictues in it. Each of the pictures had an icon in the attachment line, but each picture was ALSO displayed if you just scrolled down you could see each picture. Now I have Windows 7 and Outlook 2007. When I try to send a whole folder with several pictures in it, they ONLY appear as icons at the attachment line, and you need to click on each picture to view it, they are NOT dispayed down below. There has to be a way to have each picture also displayed down below, so you can see all the pictures without having to click on each icon, etc. Many thanks, Mike

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    The problem with having all the pictures displayed directly is a security problem. Outlook is more business oriented, and that is why it tries not to display contents, unless it has a viewer for it. Sometimes it even forces you to save the attachments to the hard drive before you can see them (the AV, will scan them then).
    I have Outlook 2007 also, and it does not let me send folders, instead I can put each picture. From the preview pane however I can see the picture without opening the email.
    You should see under the subject that it will say message with an email icon, and next to the right it will show the attachments. Clicking the attachment will open the preview window.
    Most likely what you are referring is that Live mail probably attaches pictures to the email message itself, and not as an attachment separate of the email message. If that is the case, then you want to insert the picture instead of attach it.

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