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Thread: What sort of Hardware are you all running now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dehcbad25 View Post
    H55 motherboard $89.99
    Core i3 530 CPU $119.99
    220 Watts 80= certified PSU $55
    (the 55$ PSU will be the component that will allow the PC to use about 25Watts power)
    DDR3 4GB RAM $100 (any DDR3 will be fine, and you can use less. I am using 2 GB currently on the HTPC)
    Any case $40
    Any HDD $60 (low rpm drives, or eco drives better to reduce power consumption)
    425$ total
    and if you have parts around, even better.
    I did some numbers last week, and 25 Watts PC will use a little over 3$ of electric a month, and a 480 Watts about 51$.
    If your electricity is even more expensive it makes more sense to go low power. And windows 7 is quick to wake up from sleep, so it is easy to put the computers to sleep now
    That's a good price on current hardware and if I do upgrade then I'll do something similar
    energy savings is a must as my electric bill is through the roof in Japan. Thanks DEHC

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    Yeah, I remember when I was there we tried to save on as much electricity as possible.
    Here I have been trying to save on the computers because of work, where the savings can be multiplied

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