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Thread: Ipad: Any of you have one of these?

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    ya you are correct and with each year they may get bigger and more powerful and feature rich which will open a ton of cool things to use it for

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    Quote Originally Posted by joelietz View Post
    I agree that the ipad is a bit impractical if you already own an ipod touch or iphone. However, I do see sell textbooks it being used very much as a family oriented communication tool/device as egghead mentioned already in this thread. Also, I know they're going to be used for healthcare as a friend of mine told me they're already starting to show up in the hospital he works at....replacing the regular charts doctors and staff use. They could also become a 21st century teaching tool for school as well. As for myself......I'll wait until the price lowers and the functionality increases
    Actually..I just found out a perfect use for ipads is in hospitals as they are fan-less, so they may be taken from room to room for data collection.

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