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Thread: Outlook Express won't open messages

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    Outlook Express won't open messages

    When running Outlook Express (OE6 and IE8 with WinXP), any attempt to open an email message gets me the following error: "Outlook Express has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

    Tools, Options, Read (tab) and checking box "Read all messages in plain text" allows opening of messages ... but of course, not in HTML.

    I have cleared Inbox, Sent and Delete boxes and done compacting. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    See if that link helps you.

    1. First of all, let?s start by making sure that your Outlook Express
    (OE) data file is corrupted. If your problem is due to the .dbx files
    corruption, then this solution would fix it.
    Following link will tell you how to search for .dbx files and how to fix it.

    Impact of creating a new .dbx file -

    To view the hidden files -,,4155-1916458,00.html#5

    You may also try this approach to search for .dbx files
    - Make sure that Outlook Express is not running
    - On Win XP, you need to use the advanced options to find Hidden or System files.

    You may also want to use the DBXtract tool to get the data from the
    corrupted .dbx file to the new inbox after you are able to find the
    old .dbx files.

    2. If option 1 doesn?t help, then you may want to repair your OE. I
    know you?ve already tried re-installing IE and OE, but I?m just trying
    to make sure that nothing is left out.
    On doing a quick search within the Microsoft knowledge base, here are
    the steps to repair your IE and OE -
    NOTE: Don?t forget to take a complete backup of your registry before
    performing this.

    3. If any of the above options fixes your problem, then make sure that
    your system is running latest patches and Virus definition.

    To get Microsoft?s latest patches for XP, click on the following link and then Scan for updates.
    I?m not sure which Anti-virus you are running, but try to get the
    updated version available on your computer.

    A similar question was posted on internet -

    Let me know if your problem got fixed. In case of any questions, feel
    free to request for clarification.

    Search Strategy:
    Outlook Express encountered

    Outlook Express has encountered problem

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    Re: Outlook Express won't open messages

    Thank you for your input and efforts. Nothing seems to work so far. One of the links has taken me to a reinstall of Windows XP ( which I'm hesitant to try.

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