How to Setup Windows 95/98/Me on a Windows 2000/XP System

I love Windows XP. Best version they've come up with yet, in my opinion. It makes setup of new computers and networks a breeze. But, it does have a few problems running some older programs that can't be solved by running them in compatibility mode. I did a quick search of Google, but was unable to find a definitive list of programs that have known compatibility issues. I did find 2, both utilities - PowerQuest's "Partition Magic 6.0" and Norton's "SystemWorks 2001". The program that I couldn't get to run in XP was "Easy CD Creator 4.0". The solution for me was to either buy upgraded software, or using the tools I had on hand, create another partition on my hard drive and install Windows 98 on that, in order to run the older programs. Not wanting to spend money to upgrade software that had worked well for me before, and having plenty of hard drive space, I chose the second option.
Quoted from case over at posted up an excellent guide on installed Pre XP oses on a windows 2000 or windows XP system.


In fact I am debating on giving this a run myself, just to see if indeed it can be done.
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So if you are wondering how to setup a dual boot of a windows XP installation with a PRE XP OS, this will lead you down the right path