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Thread: Duke Nukem Forever to see light of day after all

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    Duke Nukem Forever to see light of day after all

    After well over a decade of "development," 2K Games announced today that Duke Nukem Forever will actually see the light of day. The publisher went on to say that Gearbox Software has taken the reigns on the project, rescuing it from development limbo after the game's original studio 3D Realms went under. Gearbox Software is responsible for titles such as the recently successful Borderlands.

    The game will be on display at this weekend's PAX 2010 convention in Seattle, where press and gamers in attendance can have a go at the title 14 years in the making.

    After years of being the punchline to countless vaporware jokes, it seems 2K Games is fully committed to resurrect the title once and for all. The Wall Street Journal quotes Gearbox president Randy Pitchford as saying the game is already in the "polishing" stages, but forgive us if we're skeptical about this one until the title is in our hands.


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