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Thread: Roger, the airline worker

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    Roger, the airline worker

    Working on an airline, you receive free or reduced-priced flights. Such was the case when Roger Gay took the opportunity of a free flight from London to Manchester. He boarded the flight some minutes before it was due to leave the terminal. The flight was filling up. Roger’s allocated seat was already taken, so he sat in another, vacant seat.

    A few minutes later a woman in airline uniform (not a stewardess) holding a clip-board marched up to the man in Roger’s originally allocated seat and in her official capacity asked, “Are you Gay?”

    The man sank down in his seat, blushed and sheepishly uttered, “Yes.”

    The woman said, “Then you have to get off.”

    Roger, realising that the airline had over-booked and he had to give up his perk seat, put his hand up and said, “I’m Gay,” and started to get up.

    Immediately another passenger stands up and miltantly calls out, “I’m gay! They can’t chuck us all off.”
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    Loved the one about the 2 Norse from Minn. I've been getting a lot of mileage out of it. Beats driving a hybrid. Thanks!

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