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Thread: Destination Linux

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    Destination Linux

    The journey is almost complete. I have been on a slow transition from Windows to Linux over the past three or four years. At first I was using Linux on my least capable computer. That older machine never had anything of importance on it, so I was free to try many different distributions on it.

    The first two years I must have tried a couple dozen. Then I found a free distribution of Xandros 3. I liked the layout and feel of it. It was also the easiest to update and install new software of any distro to date. This led to me buying Xandros ver 4 which was not a free distribution. Regrettably, it turned out that updates were few and far between.

    Next came Mint Linux, an elegant Linux package with a Debian kernel and based on Ubuntu. That means it will run all Ubuntu software and many Debian packages. A new user can install Mint and be immediately productive. Navigation is similar to Windows and Mint comes with most of the software you will need.

    Mint Linux is now happily running on three of my four computers. The only one still running a Windows product is my notebook. The notebook is used as a backup computer for my son's work. The minute he no longer needs it for that purpose Mint will go on it.

    My message is that if you have been curious about Linux, don't continue to avoid it out of fear. You will find that it is as easy to use as your Windows box.
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