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Thread: Linux Mint Support via IRC

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    Linux Mint Support via IRC

    I finally experienced a problem that a Google search and a little research on the forum proved inadequate. I had a system package that refused to upgrade to newer version. Since it was a critical system package, that meant finding a solution or a OS reinstall.

    Mint maintains chat support via IRC. I have never had much luck chat room support, but decided to give it a try. There were a number of surprises. The first occurred when "XChat IRC" was started. Using MSN daily, I expected to have to establish an account and obtain a password. Instead the chat package opened in the Mint Support Chat Room. Within seconds a prompt appeared asking about my problem. In less than a minute, there were three command prompt suggestions from three different people. Then there was a suggestion as to which to try first, then second, then third.

    I opened a terminal and typed the first command which did not correct the issue. Then I tried the second command. The icon on the panel changed to indicate that the system was up to date. From beginning to end in about 3 minutes. Can't say enough good about these guys.
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