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Thread: Home Network Help Needed

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    Home Network Help Needed


    I am wondering if anyone can help me set up a network between my computer (Vista Home 64 bit), and my son's computer (Windows 7 Home)?
    My reason for this is that he was scammed online recently, and was sending money to Ghana without our knowledge.
    And when i found out all hell broke loose here.

    So now i want to find out if there is a way, that i can access or view all of the files on his C:\ drive from my computer.
    As i want to be able to monitor all of the files he has including Messenger, and view his drive from mine without him knowing.

    My computer is Windows Vista Home 64 bit

    My son's computer is Windows 7 Home

    We are sharing a Netgear WGR614 router via a wired connection.



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    Any luck? I would think the best bet here is education and awareness talks... Teach him about cyber safety etc.

    Also, you may want to physically watch over his shoulder until he can be trusted again etc...

    Spying on the computer is very grey area.

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