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Thread: PS3 ~ Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

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    PS3 ~ Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

    Love it or hate it this game is stunning.

    I had a few minor game play issues, but these didn't actually present themselves to me until I was more than three quarters through the game. Primarily because I was so absorbed.

    Graphically this game is beautiful and the game play is far less repetitious than it's predecessors.

    I guess the biggest tip for this game for anyone starting out is ďDonít sell anything!Ē, some of the things you need for special quests and cannot be retrieved once sold.

    Being in a remote area, I havenít been able to connect to a server, so Iím yet to enjoy the benefits of the online play. Although the online training campaign rewards enough to buy a few of the in-game treats.

    In all I love this game and think it has a massive replay factor (unlike 1 and 2) Ė and like Red Dead Redemption, I can return to this intricate open world and either, take in the atmosphere and relax, or start up a whole swag of trouble to scrape out of.

    This game is a definite keeper for me.

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    Any updates Zen? A few more months into it, have they fixed the glitches? U on PS3? I'm still drudging through #2, with only a few mins each week its taking

    Hopefully with the NBN coming soon, you'll be online gaming super quick!

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