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Thread: Users find IE9 upgrade in Windows Update

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    Users find IE9 upgrade in Windows Update

    Although Microsoft has denied pulling the trigger on Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) upgrade offers, some users have reported that the browser is showing up on their Windows Vista and Windows 7 machines' Windows Update lists.

    Several systems at Computerworld and elsewhere have offered the IE9 upgrade as an "Important" item on Windows Update, the default update service for consumers and many small businesses.

    On the mailing list, Susan Bradley, a blogger who covers Microsoft's Small Business Server and who also writes for the Windows Secrets newsletter, noted that the IE9 offer had appeared in Windows Update.

    ZDNet blogger Mary Jo Foley also reported on the early appearance of the IE9 upgrade offers yesterday, citing several sources who had contacted her with the news.

    However, Microsoft was adamant that it has not begun to officially offer IE9.

    "It isn't being offered yet," a company spokeswoman said Wednesday. "We are throttled to 0% right now."

    Instead, users who manually check Windows Update for new updates will see IE9 as an optional important update -- the item is unchecked by default -- that will not download and install automatically. Users must check the item in Windows Update, select OK and finally initiate the download.

    "This is how any update works through [Windows Update]," the spokeswoman said.

    Full story: Computerworld

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    LOL. I just did a search for updates and IE9 is showing up as an important update.

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