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Thread: Activex file ?? removal

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    Activex file ?? removal

    Long story short;

    Having a problem getting a software program to run "PC Tune-up"
    getting a popup that says the activex file.... or something, is preventing the
    program from running.

    The actual file is located here;
    c/windows/downloaded program files/E2883E8F-472F-4FB0-9522-AC9BF37916A7
    properties say its an (Activex control)
    and its status is damaged.

    I researched this on line, this seems to be a common issue, and that the file can't be removed.
    I heard evertything from ;
    It has to do with java and/or flash player and to reinstall them,
    which I did, did not help.

    Others said, it had to do with IE, so I installed a new version, still no help.

    These were done in an effort to remove this file....

    Soooo, any idea on
    1) what this file is, and assosciated with
    2) is it necessary
    3) how to fix/resolve this

    I'm running Vista and IE, althogh my default browser is Firefox

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    Have you tried any of the fixes here

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    Thanks for the pointer.

    Looking at it it appears to be a trial/error approach.... as it lists several options.

    Do you know what the root cause issue is here ?

    And do you know if the information there is reliable.

    Thanks again

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    Firstly, Where did you get this 'PC tuneup' program? Why do you want to run it?

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    This has been resolved.... thanks

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