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Thread: Getting Kicked from Xbox

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    Getting Kicked from Xbox

    OK Here is my dilemma that has been going on for about 2-3 months now.

    Playing COD Black Ops on xbox live and I get kicked almost every match. First I get "Connection Interrupted" then I get kicked back into the lobby where it shows all of the people I was playing with.... but they are still playing the game. Then at the top it says "Migrating Hosts" and then "Lost Connection to host" and boom I am kicked. The weird thing is I can re-join right away into another match..... so I am not completely kicked out of xbox live.

    Like I said this happens almost every match. Then just last week it stopped happening and I played an entire week without getting kicked once.

    I have a wired connection with a DSL connection and here is what I have done so far in order to try and troubleshoot this....

    Tried switching to the wireless connection (thinking something was wrong with my ethernet cable)

    I upped my DSL Speed package (actually doubled it to between 1 and 3 MBPS) but I was pretty sure speed wasnt the problem because I played fine for 5 months with the slower connection before this problem started.

    I obtained a new modem from my ISP and Purchased a new Netgear Router

    Bridged the modem so I have an Open NAT

    Contacted my ISP and they have run a line test and reported no problems.

    Left my AOL on so if there was in fact an interruption of internet service it would of kicked me from AOL but it didn't.

    So as you can see I have tried numerous things and still cannot come to a solution. My last choice was that there is a problem with my XBOX unit but XBOX Live tech support told me that when the network card goes it dies out completely rather than losing the signal intermittently.

    Yesterday someone told me to perform a ping test from my command prompt which I did but he told me to ping and put a -t at the end of the command. Never heard of it before but the -t apparently does a constant ping. When i did this there were numerous time outs that you can see at the bottom of this thread.

    Someone told me that those time outs are causing a loss of packets. I tried the same test at a computer at my work and not one single time out but I also tried it at my mother in laws computer (10 miles away) and she had a series of time outs also. Could this be causing me to get kicked.

    I called my ISP (I have Verizon DSL) and the tech got real nasty with me and informed me that I have no idea what I am talking about. He stated he did a line test from their end and all is fine but i then informed him that I was told by a tech that the problem will not appear ont heir end unless a tech came out to the hub to check the problem..... tech support then proceeded to tell me again I had no idea what i am talking about and hung up on me... nice Huh?

    So just looking for any input.

    Here is a link to a screen shop of the ping test I did

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    'Migrating Hosts' seems to be a common issue with Black Ops.

    There are some solutions here

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