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Thread: How To Remove Write Protection From External Hard Drive

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    How To Remove Write Protection From External Hard Drive

    I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but I would appreciate your help.

    I am using Vista ... and have a Simple Tech external hard drive on which I store all of my photos/images.

    For some strange reason, all of a sudden, it won't let me transfer the images from the SD card on my camera onto the external hard drive. It says it is "write protected".

    Not sure how this happened and don't really care - all I want to do is remove this stupid write protection and continue saving my images.

    PLEASE ... can anyone give me a simple solution. I am "technologically challenged" so looking for a simple solution.

    Thank you!

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    Have you checked the little slider tab on the side of the card is not in the 'write protect' or 'lock' position?

    If it is in that position slide it up to unlock it.

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